Wheel Welding

Wheel Welding CorkGenerally when there is some significant damage to the wheel we would tend to perform a weld repair. This is because the objective is to create a strong repair without softening the alloy itself.

Situations where a wheel weld is appropriate include:

⦁ Cracks
• Splits
• Chunks of rim missing or bent out of shape

As with all of our alloy wheel repair services we will only weld a wheel where we are confident that the repaired wheel will be safe for everyday use. If we have any concerns about potential risks then we will tell you once the wheel has been initially inspected.

Ask us for a wheel inspection

Even if you think that the wheel is too badly damaged to be welded you should ask us to assess the wheel and report back on the feasibility of repairing it which will often save you a significant amount of money versus buying a new wheel. Our technicians are highly skilled at wheel welding and you will be amazed at what they can achieve.

The welding process

If appropriate, the damaged area will be cut and shaped to receive the weld. It will then be welded inside and out using welding equipment which minimises the amount of heat transfered into the alloy but with the intention of maximising the strength of the weld without unduely softening the alloy.

The process of welding a wheel may result in us finding that the wheel is damaged beyond our expectations. We will apply our skill and experience but it is possible that the wheel will not be repairable.

* Please note that we are unable to warranty any welding work that is undertaken.